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From 1982 to 2003 sermons were recorded on magnetic tape cassettes, for a short period in 2003 and 2004 they were recorded to minidisc, thereafter they were recorded direcly to MP3. All extant tapes and minidics have been transcribed to MP3 and can be found through this page. Sadly there are many gaps in the collection.

Sound quality of the transcribed sermons varies considerably from recording to recording, (but not, as many people expect, in relation to age) so don't be put off if the first one you click on is awful; most are quite reasonable.

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Andy Pearson14May2017PM1 Samuel1 After Gods Own Heart #1Stream24' 19"5.57 MB
Andy Pearson21May2017PM1 Samuel2:1-11 After Gods Own Heart #2Stream26' 05"5.97 MB
Andy Pearson28May2017PM1 Samuel2:11-36 After Gods Own Heart #3Stream26' 49"6.14 MB
Andy Pearson15Jan2017AMMark10:13-16 The Journey To The Cross #8Stream36' 11"8.28 MB
Andy Pearson12Feb2017AMMark10:17-31 The Journey To The Cross #9Stream36' 33"8.37 MB
Andy Pearson05Mar2017AMMark10:46-52 The Journey To The Cross #11Stream31' 59"7.32 MB
Andy Pearson19Mar2017AMMark11:1-11 The Journey To The Cross #12Stream33' 31"7.67 MB
Andy Pearson26Mar2017AMMark11:12-25 The Journey To The Cross #13Stream32' 43"7.49 MB
Andy Pearson02Apr2017AMMark11:27-12:12 The Journey To The Cross #14Stream37' 42"8.63 MB
Andy Pearson16Apr2017AMMark12:13-27 The Journey To The Cross #15Stream32' 22"7.41 MB
Andy Pearson23Apr2017AMMark12:28-34 The Journey To The Cross #16Stream29' 03"6.65 MB
Andy Pearson30Apr2017AMMark12:35-37 The Journey To The Cross #17Stream28' 39"6.56 MB
Andy Pearson07May2017AMMark12:38-44 The Journey To The Cross #18Stream26' 52"6.15 MB
Andy Pearson14May2017AMMark13:1-13 The Journey To The Cross #19Stream31' 49"7.28 MB
Andy Pearson21May2017AMMark13:14-23 The Journey To The Cross #20Stream28' 24"6.50 MB
Andy Pearson28May2017AMMark13:24-36 The Journey To The Cross #21Stream27' 51"6.37 MB
Andy Pearson29Jan2017PMEcclesiastes7:15-29 Trust And Obey #12Stream36' 56"8.45 MB
Andy Pearson26Feb2017PMEcclesiastes8 Trust And Obey #13Stream28' 59"6.63 MB
Andy Pearson05Mar2017PMEcclesiastes9:1-12 Trust And Obey #14Stream30' 16"6.92 MB
Andy Pearson19Mar2017PMEcclesiastes9:11-10:20 Trust And Obey #15Stream27' 01"6.18 MB
Andy Pearson26Mar2017PMEcclesiastes11:1-12:8 Trust And Obey #16Stream32' 34"7.45 MB
Andy Pearson02Apr2017PMEcclesiastes12:9-14 Trust And Obey #17Stream29' 25"6.73 MB
Alasdair Macaulay11Jun2017PMEphesians5:22-33Stream25' 16"5.78 MB
Alasdair Macaulay11Jun2017AMGalatians2:11-21Stream22' 28"5.14 MB
Gabriel Amorim04Jun2017PMHebrews5:11-6:20Stream29' 46"6.81 MB
Andrew Hill04Jun2017AMEzekiel1:1-28Stream37' 00"8.47 MB
Manuel Franco07May2017PMHebrews12:1-3Stream33' 54"7.76 MB
Bob Thomas30Apr2017PM1 Thessalonians1:8Stream39' 00"8.92 MB
Andy Pearson23Apr2017PMPsalm133Stream25' 19"5.79 MB
Andy Pearson16Apr2017PMIsaiah53:10-12Stream30' 27"6.97 MB
Adam De Jong09Apr2017PM2 Chronicles21-24Stream27' 35"6.31 MB
Adam De Jong09Apr2017AMDaniel3Stream34' 11"7.82 MB
Benjamin Wilks12Mar2017PMMatthew24:36-25:13Stream25' 14"5.77 MB
Brad Bitner12Mar2017AM2 Samuel7:1-29Stream41' 18"9.45 MB
Matt Lillicrap19Feb2017PMPhilippians1:12-30Stream31' 46"7.27 MB
Eric Ortlund19Feb2017AM2 Samuel12:1-15Stream22' 51"5.23 MB
Andy Pearson12Feb2017PM2 Timothy1:10Stream33' 43"7.72 MB
Andy Pearson05Feb2017PMJohn19:23-37Stream31' 04"7.11 MB
Andy Pearson05Feb2017AMNumbers21:4-9Stream30' 54"7.07 MB
Colin Ross29Jan2017AMJohn3:1-21Stream32' 19"7.40 MB
Brad Bitner22Jan2017PMPsalm14Stream30' 43"7.03 MB
Andy Pearson15Jan2017PM2 Timothy3:16Stream33' 09"7.58 MB
Brad Bitner22Jan2017AMRomans8:31-39Stream35' 15"8.07 MB
Adam De Jong08Jan2017AMDaniel1Stream43' 49"10.03 MB
Brad Bitner08Jan2017PMExodus17Stream33' 45"7.73 MB
Dick Haffenden01Jan2017PMExodus16Stream38' 31"8.82 MB
Andy Pearson01Jan2017AMMatthew6:25-33Stream30' 05"6.89 MB
Andy Pearson25Dec2016AMMatthew2:13-23Stream30' 24"6.96 MB
Andy Pearson18Dec2016AMLuke2:8-14Stream29' 58"6.86 MB
Andy Pearson18Dec2016PMJohn1:14Stream31' 56"7.31 MB
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