Beginners Tips for Buying and Selling Books On Amazon
If I said that you could turn to your computer now and instantly grab the share of an enterprise worth five billion dollars with more than 35 million active customers - that's also one of the most well-known brands, would you consider me a credible source? Maybe not. But I have to tell you - with a bit of effort and dedication, you could. Amazon's Bookselling site is one of the most popular e-commerce businesses that account for more than 5% of all sales made online. The most shocking thing is that Amazon will allow you to be part of their story. Are they crazy? No. It's an affirmation of Jeff Bezos's dream to be 'the most customer-focussed company in history'. Do there are any strings attached? Not really. Of course, nothing is ever so simple but if have the skills and determination it's an opportunity that's worth your serious consideration. In this post, you'll learn about the ways Amazon can assist you in setting your own Internet business. A business that will sell to you around the world all day long and all year long without any overheads and none of the risks or hassles normally associated with e-commerce. Why is it that I ever sell books? It's not necessary to market books. You can sell all kinds of other products on Amazon today , including electronic and photography equipment Music, DVD's, videos, software, computer as well as video game, household and garden items and toys and games. Visit:- They meet nearly every requirement of the ideal mail order product. They're light, compact and easy to ship as well as easy to describe. and have a profit margin that is high and a premium selling price in comparison to their size. they have a worldwide market and are something almost everyone purchases at some point. Books remain Amazon's primary product, the biggest one they sell and, to cap it all off, there's no better-known market in the world for books than Amazon. Why isn't eBay able to do better? I'm sometimes asked why anyone would choose to sell books (or any other item) on Amazon rather than the monster of e-commerce eBay. The answer is simple: Amazon has certain unique advantages over eBay in certain items, it beats its larger counterpart into a cocked head. First of all, selling on Amazon does not require (usually) it's an auction. You get the selling price you'd like and don't have to wait seven days for it. It's faster and easier to sell your products on Amazon and you don't have to repeat listing, which means you'll be able to sell more (some sellers have more than 1000 products). In most cases, it's less expensive to sell your products so you can offer them for less yet gain more. In addition, unlike eBay, Amazon's payment and administration systems are easy to use - when you're selling a book, the only thing you need to do is mail it to the buyer. OK, there are a couple of snags: Amazon's processes and rules are a bit difficult at first. But stick with it. The whole thing will be in place when you're in the groove. There's also a fair bit of competition in some subject areas (more about how to beat your competition later). The way Amazon allows you to share their success There are actually quite number of ways to participate the Amazon success story. Amazon Auctions is much the similar to eBay. Amazon Advantage is for authors and publishers. Amazon Alliances are special working relationships with large companies. But if you're a private-seller-cum-small-trader or a small-mediumish sized business I think you'll find Amazon's Marketplace and zShops are the best ways to get involved. MarketplaceMarketplace offers you an opportunity to sell your book on the exact same page on Amazon's website , where Amazon will sell the book. So you get to face them head-on and even compete with their prices (in fact, you're required to!). Marketplace is for any used or new books, but not necessarily uncommon or collectible ones. The prices for sale are fixed. Marketplace is not an auction. It allows you to list any number of items for free. There is a closing charge that is 86p (on for each item plus 17.25% of your sale price is charged for each sale, but you won't have to pay any fees if your book doesn't sell. Marketplace is perfect if just want to make some spare cash, but also if you're planning to launch a 'proper' small business. ZShops:zShops is an area of the Amazon website that allows you to sell books which are not currently being sold by Amazon. You can offer new as well as used books. It's ideal for selling anything unusual, different, rare or valuable that may appeal to the millions of Amazon customers. Also, zShops aren't an auction and the prices are fixed. zShops is the best choice for higher-volume sellers. In order to sell the majority of your items on zShops you must have what is called a 'Pro-merchant Subscription'. More on it later. Due to its unique charging structure zShops is much less expensive than Marketplace for large-scale sellers. you can pay PS28.75 monthly subscription. to become a Pro-merchant but closing fees start at only 2.875 percent per item. (Check with Amazon for specific details since the fees are complex!) You can operate both Marketplace and zShops. However, the experts I've spoken with advise that it's better to start with Marketplace and think about getting involved in zShops later. (Although when you post items on Marketplace the software of Amazon will automatically list anything that's not sold through Amazon on zShops.) Now that you're a book seller - what types of books will be most successful? You don't need to be interested in books to be able to sell them effectively. You can sell almost any books via Amazon skilled sellers have discovered that certain books sell much better than other books. They have told us that they have a lot of success selling books that don't sell well on eBay. The site is great for collecting as well as very unique or specialist books. Amazon is great for the latest and popular as well as other traditional books. Many experienced sellers use both Amazon and eBay on the basis that items that are not popular on one will sell well on both! Amazon is an excellent place to sell less expensive books, in it's PS7 up to PS20 prices. (As any eBayer will tell you, it's difficult to make money selling cheap books on Amazon.) Another great thing about Amazon can be that best bestsellers there are also books that are strong sellers everywhere else and you don't have to do a lot of research to find the best ideas. Take a look at Amazon's "100 Popular Books' page to find recent bestsellers. You can also search for "Hot Books according to subject. The only drawback to using this method is that everyone is eager to sell these books. You may be able to discover some obscure 'hot topics' by asking bookshops and libraries as to which books are gaining popularity as well as trying to second-guess the popularity on Amazon.  

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