Message From the Universe
Yes, I believed in accidental events, coincidences, and chance until the day I looked out at the world through your eyes, listened to your ears, felt it in my whole heart, and realized that you were everything I had ever imagined. It was a great effort. The Universe If the Universe is convinced should you should go for it. Look at your self from the outside for a minute, see what you've accomplished in the past couple of years and check out how far you're ahead. We constantly criticize ourselves over what we do not have. We blame ourselves for the wealth we didn't earn, for our bodies that don't match to our requirements, and also for the job we can't obtain. We wonder day after day what we could be missing out on the things that we want or imagine. If the adage is: For more detail please visit:- "Thoughts become things", then we ask ourselves: "Where are my things?. I think of good ideas every day however nothing happens. Why do my dreams do not come true?". Let me ask you a question. Is your belief and action are in alignment with what you believe? Are you simply thinking? Are you thinking without really believing or understanding the question you're asking. The Universe is a force that is simple that is a combination of not just the Laws of gravity but also the laws of Attraction. If you are in tune and clear with the Universe in regards to what you desire, it will appeal to your wishes and cause things to occur, but only if you are convinced that you have achieved everything you can to remain true to yourself. The Universe cannot be controlled by your mind. You cannot play mind games with the Universe. It is vital to align your beliefs and thoughts. If you don't, you won't get any results at all. You will eventually give up on the Laws of Attraction. It is the principle if causality, among the most significant laws in the Universe. No one is perfect nor is it possible to claim they are close to being flawless. Everyone has baggage we carry to our lives, but it depends on us to determine which baggage to take off at the airport, and which ones that we should bring into our lives. The learning baggage is the one to keep and everything else to discard. You're trying to grow by becoming a better person. Fear of who you really are is evidence that you've got a a mind that creates it. Einstein one said "Problems cannot be solved by the same mind which created them". Therefore, do you really like to deal with issues, and be worried that your brain won't be able to come up with a solution? There are some who might be confused by the quote because it might leave you wondering about the root of each problem that you are able to solve. One might respond, "Well Dan, at work I am a problem-solver, so what's up?" That is because the problem that you encountered wasn't thought up by your own brain. It was an external issue which your mind has been equipped to resolve because of your experience and expertise. The emotional turmoil that is created by your own mind is an ongoing issue that won't be solved until you seek out assistance from outside sources. An outsider's perspective on your own personal issue is necessary to come up with a an acceptable solutions. This is the reason why we have psychologists, consultants as well as life coaches, psychiatrists and more. This information will help you to get the answers that you need quickly and help you move towards your goals.

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