Making Money Blogging Step by Step
I've been working on a Blog for a while ago and I'm wishing I had known then what I know now. The problem when it comes to creating a Blog and figuring out what you need to do is that there isn't an step-by-step guide that is straightforward and simple English which is why I've made this one for you. It's not perfect , but it's an amalgamation of what I've learned about blogging and earning blogging money over the past couple of months, and I'm certain there is plenty of improvement to be made, so use this as an initial guide. A good foundation for information is better than nothing in any way and you'll need to begin with your feet planted on the ground. You can follow this guide when you want to blog but don't have any interest in earning money, or if you'd like to blog to earn a little money without any extra work. Sounds like a good deal, OK! The first section of this guide starts with getting a domain name and If you're already familiar with it, you can skip over and move on to Section 2. Be aware that a fuller revision of this article with more links is featured on the Blog listed within the Resources Section. For more detail please visit>>>    (Optional) Section 1. Registering a Domain For Your Blog The first thing you need to do is to register an appropriate Domain Name for your Blog. I suggest that you utilize a COM domain. Also, attempt to find the most simple name you can think up and without dashes or numbers. There are many names that are all taken, therefore, think of a simple phrase or something that is memorable, and you'll be able to come across something within several hours. I wouldn't recommend using web, org, or., no matter what the name , because people are prone to forget everything but com, and if you use net, chances are people will put an COM in place and you'll be giving an alternative site free traffic and losing yours. If you do find a Com which you can sign up to host your website, suggest going ahead and sign up on Godaddy, which is cheap. If you don't want people to find out that you're the owner of the domain. This would include not listing your name, address, and number as well as email address, it will cost you an additional $10 per year or so for private Registration. I'd advise doing this to guard your privacy. The contact information that you provide to them must match your credit/debit card as well as financial details. Once you've registered, be sure you save a copy of your Godaddy Password number in a safe and secure location. You will later need hosting space for your blog site and blogging software which will be discussed in the following chapters. Don't sign up with Godaddy Hosting if you want to go with the company I recommend for everything , not just Hosting. Section 2. AdSense Google AdSense is the easiest earned money you'll ever earn in your entire life. there's no cost for anyone, if you'd like to AdSense. If you don't want to make extra money through AdSense and you don't want to publish it on your blog it's up to you. The tiny Google ads and occasional larger image advertisements appearing on web pages are AdSense. The way AdSense operates is that you join for free the program, and you can unsubscribe at anytime you like and in return Google places these ads on your blog or website. All someone needs to simply click an ad on your blog and you'll receive anywhere from one cent to potentially up to $10 for each click. My average is around 20 cents which ads up to 40 or more. The amount you are paid depends on a variety of things , and you must read AdSense guidelines and policies. AdSense pays you when you've hit the $100 threshold and then you get paid again. I've earned several hundred dollars in the span of a few months which is pretty good for doing no work! Quite simply, the more traffic your blog attracts, the more clicks you'll receive and the more money you make. Google is very strict about clicks that are legitimate and if they see you did not follow their rules or policy, they could expel you permanently and with no chance for reinstatement, seriously! It is important to study their guidelines and policies a few times before you can use AdSense. The main thing is do not click on your own ads and do not let friends or relatives do it, and do not solicit people to click ads on your blog or you'll be kicked off AdSense. The best option is simply put them on your site and not say anything. Make sure you have read their guidelines on the topics they'll accept AdSense on. The software that I used for my blog already included AdSense in the program. My blog is listed in the Resources Section. I will be referring to and will provide you with an address in Section 4. The majority of other blogs, as per my knowledge, you have to manually add the AdSense codes to the blog's pages. The WordPress Blog application I use doesn't require it. Section 3. E-Commerce via Your Blog I use a program called The Easy Store that's a part of my blog or vice Versa. The Easy Store basically lets you establish a niche shop of any or all of Amazon's items and for all items purchased, you earn an average of 4-6% generally, which is directly paid to Amazon. This Easy Store isn't free but it's likely to cost to have them create the logo for $200. Without a logo , it's likely to cost around $120. The software isn't difficult and the Software including the Blog software will be installed for free through Zeus Design who will go over everything with you , and be available for technical help. My Gifts Shop in Resources is an easy to use store. Section 4. Finding the Blog (WordPress) Software and AdSense, E-Commerce , and Hosting If You Would Like As mentioned previously I have used Zeus Design to do everything for me and I'm delighted with everything Zeus Design has done for me. This isn't an informational piece, it's my personal, un-compensated review of a business I'm extremely satisfied with, who do top-quality, fast, and reliable work and are pleasant to deal with. If you'd like to deal with other companies, I'll only be able to share what works for me and you are welcome to work with them. If you're interested in a similar WordPress Blog set up like mine with AdSense installed, as well as an Easy Store as part of the Blog and Hosting I suggest you get in touch with Zeus Design. The cost in my view is very reasonable and reasonable. Also, as I said I encourage you to look through various firms.

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