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In the current age, every person loves blogs, and that includes Google. Well as you will learn if you have not already when Google is in love with something, you have no choice but to embrace the idea and develop some thoughts about it. The article below explains the reasons why blogs are search engine optimizers best friend and the reason they should (if they haven't already) be an integral part of your company's online strategy if you wish to boost traffic and sales. Blogs can make it easier for search engines to understand your content , which makes it simpler for users to wow the search engines and begin ranking at the top of the page for the keywords you are most interested in. Most blogging software arranges information and posts by categories which allows you to arrange your content according to specific themes. Visit:- The most important thing is that blog structure and the effective use of categories can make your desired key words and phrases simple for search engines to locate, index and rank. To understand how this is done, you must understand the way blogs function in relation to your traditional web site. Let's imagine that you publish an post on your conventional website about how great your service is. This article is posted on a single page, with maybe one or two links to your homepage or other pages that link to it. This gives search engines one or two chances of indexing and locating your content. Now , you can post the identical article on your blog. The blog software posts the article to your primary blog in a lengthy list which is typically sorted by the date you last posted your blog posts. The article is assigned its own specific page within your blog. If you assign the article to one of the categories, the article is then posted on that specific categories page. For one post, you will get three pages for your blog, each with your article as well as keywords rich internal links throughout your blog that point directly to your article. To increase the visibility of your article, you can assign your article to more then one relevant category , and you will get even more links and pages on your site with your post on it. Search engines are awestruck by keyword rich hyperlinks that can lead you to articles that focus on your key keywords. To gain all the exposure and keyword rich links an online blog provides for only one article could take forever on a traditional site. Blog posts also can easily be added to RSS feeds without extra effort from the blog's webmaster. If this happens, other users online and even other blogs can join to receive updates each time you publish a the latest post on your blog. If your RSS feeds are syndicated like embedding links to your blog as well as the article are added. This means even more links are created and published on other websites all over the Internet that connect back to your blog. With just one blog post, you created a number of hyperlinks that are keyword rich, which are then and then a large number (possibly hundreds) of high-quality external hyperlinks. When your RSS feed is submitted to a blog or RSS directory, you may be indexed in blogs as well as RSS search engines. Other similar businesses aren't found because they do not have a blog or RSS feed. Blogs are not something you can create then let be left to sit. You must constantly maintain and refresh your blog with new articles and content or you'll quickly lose RSS feed subscribers , and lose all SEO benefits you created when you first started your blog. Updates take time but they also make Google along with other search engines similar to them even better. The fresh content is a sign that search engines will constantly be crawling your website with their spiders, and continue to index every day more pages of your blog. As opposed to a static site that doesn't update regularly, you'll gain an enormous advantage when it comes to getting found for your desired keywords on Google. The more pages Google has indexing for your website, and the better suited your website grows and the greater the authority that each of your blogs has in gaining a higher rank over your competitors in a particular key phrase or phrase. Additionally, your blog will require you to keep on top of your business and ensure it is current and fresh with new ideas and energy. Therefore, I hope that at this point you've realized the immense SEO benefits of having a blog associated to your business and website. A plethora of keyword-rich internal and external links and constant crawling and monitoring by SEO engines. What's more, guess what? Blogs can provide more benefits than this. Blogs with active readers who comment on posts and articles are like mini online communities. They link back to their favourite blogs through their online profiles and constantly interact with the blog. You don't have to take on all the work your self because you've got a team of people to get out and begin providing you links that are even more references to your business all over the Internet. In the present, blogs are a invaluable asset for your online marketing and SEO strategies and should never be overlooked.  

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