Automotive Advertising Agencies Need to Reinvent
The role of automotive advertising agencies is shifting as the automotive industry that they serve. It is important for automobile advertising companies to be educated as well as their clients who are auto dealer customers on their new roles in the booming auto industry that is shifting towards what is known as the Internet Super Highway vs. local car rows. Solutions and issues shared at places in the automotive industry are having an impact on the slow shift into the new pull/push era of the consumer-driven Internet has become more apparent. In addition, an increasing number of online social networking communities are also helping to spread the word about this issue and their timing couldn't be better. The only constant in the auto industry is the constant of change. Human nature is also a constant, but since that is the fuel that powers the greatest change in the auto industry , it has to be taken in and considered by automotive advertising agencies that can look to consumers for the answer. Visit:- Radio, T.V. and newspapers are no longer the primary media of choice for today's Internet savvy customers. B2C messages are now filtered out in favor of C2C discussions in social network communities which are currently scattered throughout the web on the World Wide Web. Automotive advertising agencies have to reinvent themselves as the resource that auto dealers depend on to help them navigate their way onto the Internet Super Highway because that is the location where their customers are. Keeping ahead of new technologies and applications that incorporate selling processes between the real and the virtual world showrooms and integrating auto dealers into the discussions that comprise the online marketplace should be job one for automotive advertising agencies looking to serve their auto dealer customers in today's challenging auto industry. Radio, T.V. and print production has a shrinking role in the automotive advertising agency's toolbox and the use of online production tools will completely eliminate them in the not too distant future. Similarly, agency commissions earned from conventional media analysis and location are being taken over by the media companies to provide value-added services to their auto dealer advertisers. The same time, automotive advertising budgets are being shifted to digital marketing platforms, which have greater verifiability of the source of R.O.I. that is far superior to traditional media. The digital writing is on the wall and automotive advertising agencies must either look it up or write it down, or accept their diminishing value for the automotive industry of the future." The Internet has enabled consumers to avoid dealerships or even the most strategically placed advertising message, in favour of online information sources which aren't dependent on automotive advertising agencies or auto dealers to provide their content. Initially, third party aggregaters were able to capture online shoppers attempting to avoid traditional and virtual auto dealerships by acquiring inventory from hundreds of auto dealers eager to put their inventory to today's buyers of new and used automobiles. Consumers quickly understood the limitations of viewing vehicles in this kind of dealership-focused platform, and the technologically led evolution of online marketing platforms quickly provided more tailored to the needs of consumers. solutions. Auto dealers now have the opportunity to monetize social media with features that encourage car buyers to share their car choices with their online friends and family to aid them in their car buying experience. These C2C conversations that are posted into Face Book and other social networking communities replace previous unsuccessful attempts by automotive advertising agencies to send B2C posts on these social networks. Automotive advertising agencies should know about sites that offer various free services as well as a way to be seated on the social media table. Additionally, they should be able to educate their auto dealership clients about them to justify their agency's costs! Other applications driven by technology that advertising agencies need to tell their auto dealer clients about that will allow them to sell more cars and provide better service for less cost and with less staff . These include private websites hosted by dealers for staff members and dashboard tools that combine text messages and telephones to provide more extensive and effective follow up, systems for automated production of videos which convert the photos that are on the auto dealer's website that are pushed to search engines using Facebook applications that allow auto dealers to show their entire inventory in an unobtrusive tab on the Face Book page, and also customer interaction platforms that permit online shoppers to initiate an interactive video chat directly from an auto dealer's website . These platforms will allow for a turnkey internet transaction without having to go through the glass wall , which allows online buyers to take the lead with negotiations, and appraisal tools that provide site visitors with NADA estimates for their trade-in while selecting appropriate vehicles from the dealer's online inventory to find an option to replace the one they're selling. Each of these online conversion and marketing tools could help create a more effective R.O.I. to even the best written and placed traditional automotive advertisement messages or online digital marketing campaigns. These innovative solutions that are based on technology and their value to advertising agencies is essential to justify their agency fees to their auto dealer customers in today's crowded auto market. A majority of advertising agencies for automotive operate under the assumption that if they can bring in sufficient bodies through the front door then they have made a profit. In today's consolidating auto industry, it's not the case! A decrease in sales volumes and lower profit margins coupled with increased expenses demand that automotive advertising agencies should expand their areas of responsibility to include internal selling processes using methods to improve efficiency across all departments within an auto dealership in both brick and mortar locations as well as their newly created virtual showrooms. You have to be engaged to win and for the foreseeable future this game will continue to be played on the World Wide Web. The most active lanes of the Internet Super Highway are those that lead to social networking communities that share information between automotive advertising agencies and auto dealers as much as they do with their customers.  

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